The Worldwide Activities of the Christian Science Church

The Bible together with Science and Health serve as the universal Pastor for the Church, providing always available guidance and inspiration, as the sermons and readings for worship services. The activities and services of the Church are carried on by its members.

Mary Baker Eddy founded the Christian Science Church in 1879.  It includes The Mother Church in Boston, Massachusetts, and locally organized branch churches of Christ, Scientist, worldwide, each providing Sunday worship services, a Sunday School, mid-week testimony meetings, public Reading Rooms, and lectures.  Sunday School for students up to the age of 20 are discussion-based classes on the Bible and how to apply its timeless lessons to contemporary life.  Wednesday meetings include testimonies of healing shared by those attending. Reading Rooms offer books and magazines on Christian Science, the Bible and Bible reference materials, and much more.  Everyone is welcome to use all these resources.

Christian Science practitioners and Christian Science nurses are available to give additional supportive care while one is praying for healing.  Practitioners offer specific prayer, and Christian Science nurses provide caring, practical, and non-medical assistance.  

The Christian Science Church offers spiritual education for youth and adults, featuring Sunday School classes, weekly Bible Lessons in the Christian Science Quarterly, as well as a two-week course on spiritual healing from an authorized Christian Science teacher with continuing education annually.

Weekly and monthly magazines, the Christian Science Sentinel, The Christian Science Journal, and The Herald of Christian Science in various languages, all feature Christian Science practice and its redeeming and healing outcomes through articles and verified testimonies of healing.  

The Christian Science Monitorfounded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1908, provides thoughtful, humane, and balanced coverage of world news that is as alert to progress and promise as to suffering and conflict.  It was established to “injure no man, but bless all mankind” (Miscellany).